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Knights are Brave by Kath Smith, Illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church, and designed by Andrea Newton


Good morning! This book gives us a few different tales of knights who are faced with situations in which they aren’t brave. They break it down to 3 separate stories; the first for Shy Sir MacEye, second for Brave Sir Dave and finally, third for Messy Sir Jesse. I really liked this book for a couple reasons. First, its the whole castle/medieval theme (Who doesn’t love these?!). Second, I really like the books organization. Finally, each short story gives us a lesson that the knights have learned. I won’t go into detail on those so you can read it for yourself. The story as a whole is a bit long so it may be better to break it up for the younger readers aged 3-5. I think a reader that has mastered some basic words should have no problem tackling this because a lot of the words they could sound out.


As I examined the illustrations I couldn’t help to notice how plain they were. I’m not saying that as a bad thing. What I mean is the artist may not have “people drawing” as a strong suit, so they dealt with what they had and the faces are very basic. I actually like this because it gives a feel of what a child might draw the knight as. Everything is outlined in a charcoal. There Is major usage of whitespace; no blue skies, but sometimes the grass is colored in. The colors are another reason why I feel as though it really adds to the book. The colors are mostly primary, but that goes with the whole “it feels like what a child would use”.


I really enjoyed this story and I hope you like my review enough to go out and get it. 🙂