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The Night Before Father’s Day by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Amy Wummer


There are some things that I really love about this book. I bought it for my son to read to his dad. He is 8, transitioning from 2nd to 3rd grade. It was easy for him to read and comprehend what he was reading. Another thing that I love about this book is the illustrations. They are really well done and portray a minority family which is something that isn’t often seen in these sort of books. It was a fun read and I enjoyed listening to and watching my son read this story to my husband. It has a mixture of narration and dialect. I liked that he was able to use his “narrator voice” and switch to a “dialect voice.” I’d definitely recommend this story. 🙂



The Walk Back Home by Oliver Jeffers


The Walk Back Home is a cute little story about a boy from Earth who flew into space with his airplane. He ran out of fuel and landed on the moon. A martian also landed on the moon after his spaceship engine broke. The rest of the book talks about an adventure that the boy and martian go on to help them both get back home.

I am a first grade teacher. I read this story to my students for a Read-Aloud. They loved it because they were able to make predictions based on what we were reading. They connected with the characters because they too have had to help a friend do something.

The illustrations are done with water colors. They are clean and demonstrate what is being read on the page. The one complaint I do have about the book is on a few pages, the words are stuck on a part of the page that is dark and the letters are also dark. So, it is a bit hard to see, especially if a child was to attempt t read it on their own. I do recommend it as a read aloud.


A Moose Named Henry by Ryan McDonald

Hey guys! This really isn’t a review, but helping a fellow blogger out. This guy Ryan has a great story line for his series of books about a moose named Henry. Check out his project and there is a link for donations for a professional illustrator. The story line seems very intriguing and I’d love to be able to review it after publishing. My daily review is coming out soon. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know! 🙂





Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Tish Rabe Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu


This book is from the Cat in the Hat series but isn’t written by Dr. Seuss, rather Tish Rabe. When thinking of Dr. Seuss you think of words whimsical and funny and a lot of times the text just doesn’t make sense; Rabe steers away from this Cat in the Hat series stereotype. This book actually gives a factual account of different reptiles and fun facts about them. One thing that makes this one really interesting is the usage of rhyme that is used in combination with with the facts. It seems almost impossible for someone to create such a detailed, factual, and truthful rhyme that is as long as this one is; but Tish Rabe did it. The illustrations aren’t just about the animals. The illustrators give the Cat in the Hat franchise great recognition by including not only the Cat in the Hat, but also Thing one and thing 2. These guys aren’t mentioned in the text, but it is a delight to see them in the illustrations. The illustrations are in alignment with Dr. Seuss illustrations. Some pages are double spread, some are single pages with several separate illustrations on a single page to match several paragraphs on one page. Although some of the reptiles appear to have the Dr. Seuss/cartoonish look, they look anatomically correct otherwise. The usage of bright colors helps to add fun to what some children would view a science topic to be boring. This book could be used as a supplemental text in a classroom setting or just a fun read. 


Note from Jade:

My son LOVES science and although he knew just about everything the book told us, he loved it just the same. We are big Cat in the Hat fans in this house and this book was a winner for us! We were talking about alligators and crocodiles the other day. Like most children, he had the misconception that they were the same thing, just a nickname or something. I was able to read him the difference between the two from the book and they also had visual comparisons, all done in rhyme! Amazing!

Wiggle Waggle by Jonathan London Illustrated by Michael Rex


London, Jonathan. Wiggle Waggle. Illustrated by Michael Rex. New York: Scholastic Inc., c1999.

This is a fun, playful and interactive book about sounds different animals make when walking. There are repetition with words allowing young readers to attempt the reading themselves. Along with the short easy to read and comprehend sentences are sound words associated with the animals walking. This gives the reader a chance to really engage listeners. The illustrations used are one of the more simple ones reviewed thus far. When the texts asks what sound is made, there is a simple illustration of that particular animal. Basic primary colors are used to add color. There is also minimal shading. There is a lot of white space used to keep the focus on the association between text and illustration. The book ends with a chance for little listeners to see what their steps sound like.


Note from Jade:

I am sorry this is so late but the majority of my day has been spent in front of my text books. My educational psychology midterm is Tuesday and we have a whole bunch of things due tomorrow. Anyways, I really love this book because it gave me the chance to act silly and make sounds and just be goofy with my son. I’d say the book is good for preschoolers and kindergarten, but the way my son enjoyed it, I’ll include first grade in this as well! I’ve had a few suggestions for reviews, and I promise those that suggested them will see the reviews one day this week! Keep sending in requests! 🙂


Favorite Children’s book of all time?

Hello everyone! I had a wonderful dream last night that involved one of my favorite children’s book’s of all time. Granted it was a story loved by small children, older children, teens, and adults alike, it still has the title of Children’s literature. My dream started out sitting on a platform in a stool facing hundreds of unfamiliar faces. I knew this scene very well, but the confusion as to why I was here at this moment was building up. I looked over to the cloaked woman standing to my right. She looked at me with a quizzical expression as she placed a tattered and wrinkled hat atop my head. I looked straight ahead and jumped a bit as a man’s voice started speaking. I seemed to be the only one that could hear him and before I could voice my opinion the man screamed aloud “Slytherin!”. My heart fell to my knees. How could I go to a group as awful as slytherin! I slowly and calmly stood up and walked towards the table to the far left.


By now I am sure you all realize what book my dream was about. Harry Potter is my favorite Children’s book ever! Don’t get this confused with my favorite book of all time, because it’s not Harry Potter. That would be Twilight, but this is about Children’s literature. I love the whole new dimension that J.K. Rowling created. The story line was so unique and the whimsical features of the castles and characters were so magical. I absolutely love this series. I don’t know if I have a particular favorite in the series, but I love love love these books!


So, I was just wondering what ya’lls favorite Children’s Book is? It could be one that your parents Read Aloud to you. It could be one that just had pictures, or mostly text. It could be one that is old, modern, or somewhere in between. I have a 6 year old son and I would love to read him some books that others fell in love with.