Flight of the Butterflies by Roberta Edwards and illustrated by Bob Kayganich and with photographs


Edwards, Roberta. Flight of the Butterflies. Illustrated by Bob Kayganich and with photographs. New York: Penguin Young Readers, c2010.


This book is a Penguin Young Readers book, level 3. They start off by describing what Migration is. They describe the journey that the Monarch Butterflies make into the forests in Mexico. This is a really neat book because it introduces new words that children may not know and also a pronunciation helper. We learn what dangers there are to the butterflies. We then are taken back through the flight back North, wear they lay their babies and back to where they first start. I am a big BIG lover of butterflies and one thing I found out from this book that I thought was very interesting is that the life span is very short;Approximately a year.


The illustrations are done with actual pictures and diagrams. When they describe things in the book, such as the plant they lay their eggs on, they show a picture so we know what it looks like. They show us a map with the migration and also the stages of their flight back up.


This is a really interesting read especially for science lovers. Even though this is an early reader, I think it would make a great Read Aloud book too!


xoxo, Jade


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