A dragon in a Wagon by Jane Moncure and Illustrated by Linda Hohag


Moncure, Jane. A Dragon in a Wagon. Illustrated by Linda Hohag. Mankato: The Child’s World, c1988.


A Dragon in a Wagon gives us a story about a little girl and a dragon who go through different ways to travel. One thing I find very lovely about this book is that the author is able to cover all popular modes of transportation plus give us a story in rhyme! The story is very easy to understand and it flows very nicely! Sometimes when authors use rhyme, they make up words and try to make it fit and you can tell the awkwardness of the whole thing; not with this one. The author does a fantastic job of incorporating a great Read Aloud and also encourages listeners to participate by guessing the next form of transportation.

The illustrations are very simplistic and not very detailed, but this does not take away from the story at all. The characters are cartoonish, but it adds character to the story (as if it isn’t playful enough already). The illustrator uses a combination of pastel and bright colors. The illustrations help the listener to really visualize what they are hearing. The illustrations don’t really add much to the text, but I’m okay with this because this book is for a younger audience, and if the illustrator added to the story it may be too busy for little minds.

I will probably be posting my catch up reviews either later tonight or early on in the morning. I hope everyone is doing well!


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