The Mighty Thor (Little Golden Book) Adapted by Billy Wrecks and Illustrated by Storybook Art Group


Billy Wrecks. The Mighty Thor. New York: A Golden Book, c2011.

My son was into the whole Thor and Marvel characters for a short period and when he was, he grabbed this book. I flipped through the pages and it looked easy to read for him so I bought it. It is a short story line, however there are big words that even some more experienced young readers would have trouble with. So, what was supposed to be a self reader turned into a Read Aloud, but none the less he still enjoyed it. It tells a shortened version of the Thor story.


The illustrations go along with the text and to no surprise resemble that of a comic book type drawing. There is no real organization as to how and where the text and illustrations are placed. There is also no real usage of white space except on one page where there is a fuzzy bubble illustration. The illustrators really capture the emotion in the drawings and you can see what some of these characters are feeling; from anger right down to being scared.


I would recommend this to an advanced young reader over 8 or as a read aloud to younger children.


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