The Earth (Science Vocabulary Readers) by Megan Duhamel


Duhamel, Megan. The Earth. New York: Scholastic Inc., c2007.


This short book on earth came from a set of books dealing with outer space that I ordered from a pamphlet my son brought home. My son is very interested in science, so I thought this would be an excellent way to expand his knowledge and vocabulary on the topic. Even though it is short it is a great little book that would be easy for Read Aloud, or SSR for young readers. The paragraphs are broken up into smaller chunks making it easy to read and understand.

There are 3 chapters with details on what is earth, the way earth moves and how it changes. There is a table of contents as well as a glossary and Comprehension section.

To go along with each page are illustrations, pictures or diagrams to explain the text. In some cases the illustrations add a bit more to the text. There is also “fact” statements inserted near some of the pictures.

Overall this is a great short read. I would recommend it for Read Aloud to younger children maybe 3-5 or self readers ages 6-8. I think anything over that it may be information they already know or perhaps too easy a read. 🙂



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