Wacky Witch – The Royal Birthday by Jean Lewis and Illustrated by Michael Arens and Bob Totten


Lewis, Jean. Wacky Witch – The Royal Birthday. Illustrated by Michael Arens and Bob Totten. Racine: Western Publishing Company, c1971.

This book is rather old, but with my obsession with Halloween I had to get it. As the title indicates it is about the birthday of a prince. The witch is sort of the King’s servant and is put in charge of organizing the party. They come across a few problems including mice stealing the royal cheese and a dragon coming instead of something to roast marshmallows. It has a fairy tale feeling to it and I suppose that is because of the King and prince. It is a really cute book. The print I bought is really small though, so it may not be a good book to Read Aloud to a large group because children towards the back may not be able to see the illustrations.


The illustrations are very cartoon like. Since this book was printed so long ago, the coloring in the book is rather faded, but the color usage is minimal with no varying usage. Basically it is a standard usage of the primary color scale with small alterations to make grey’s, mauve and other small differences in primary color. The Illustrator uses a color slightly darker than what is being used in the object and then outlines it. For example, the dragon is a lighter green, with a darker green outlining him. The book has usage of white space, but not throughout. Some of the pages have text on flat colors without texture, such as a grey wall. Some of the pages have illustrations, and then text either above or below them.


I would recommend this book for individual reading, or perhaps a small group Read Aloud.





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