A treasury for One Year Old’s (A collection of nursery Rhymes)


This book is a collection of nursery rhymes for One year olds. It is illustrated by Michelle White and Gaby Hansen and it is designed by Jester Designs.


I bought this book from Barnes and Noble when my son was born in 2006. I saw they had additional ones for 2,3,4 and 5 year olds. This is the only one I have though. This is a collection of traditional nursery rhymes consisting of 68 of them. Some of them are : Hey Diddle Diddle, Pat-a-cake, Jack and Jill, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Three Bling Mice, Little Boy Blue, and Hush Little Baby to name a few.


There is an illustration for each nursery rhyme. They give a general picture of the rhyme in a glimpse. They are all done in the same fashion, meaning they all have the same drawing technique and usage of colors.


Of course I didn’t read this in one sitting, but rather over time. I am putting it as a review because I think it is a great read for bedtime and will introduce children to these popular nursery rhymes that are quickly fading out.


xoxo, Jade


One thought on “A treasury for One Year Old’s (A collection of nursery Rhymes)

  1. I love Nursery Rhymes and as a Nursery Nurse I know just how much young children love to sing songs and recite time-favoured rhymes. I am planning to publish a book of nursery rhymes and songs myself. 🙂

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