The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra and Sal Barracca and illustrated by Mark Buehner


Barracca, Debra and Sal. The Adventures of Taxi Dog. Illustrated by Mark Buehner. New York: Puffin Books, c1990.

I know a lot of people have probably read this book or heard of it before, but I wanted to go ahead and review it anyway for those who have not. It follows the journey of a taxi man and his dog through the work day. The story is told completely in rhyme and is very playful. This would be a great read for a reader moving past level 1 reading.


The illustrations are beautiful. They are very clean illustrations, meaning the lines are straight, and there are next to no mistakes. The usage of bright colors helps bring the story out and show the playfulness. The pictures really help to contribute to the text and let the reader and/or listener visualize what the taxi driver and dog look like, since there were no description’s of them. Some of the illustrations take up the full page while others take up a portion and are put in the center with a border around them. The author and illustrator have come together to create a really adorable story that is sure to entertain young readers!




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