Signing with a Heavy Hand and Heart, Love Mommy: A Journey Through Fetal Alcohol Syndrome by Sondra Torres


To my children literature book review readers, this is not a children’s book, but I still encourage you to read it. 🙂
When I review books I like to be as honest as possible to provide support and criticism that I believe will help the author in the future. When I got this book, I was a little hesitant in reading because I was unable to grasp the effect of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on children. As a pregnant woman, I never took anything alcoholic or caffeinated in fear of harming my baby; not even a sip of wine as some of my family members had done. I had no idea that there was a term for what children effected by careless prenatal drinking.

Sondra, the author and mother of Chanel (and other special needs children, as well as biological children) is such a strong woman. This book tells us of the journey this woman took with adopting sweet Chanel, as well as her other adopted special needs sibling’s. Although her other children needed special care, Chanel needed extra attention because of her syndrome. She faced and still faces incredibly difficult situations that some people push off as normal every day tasks. We see the love, care, and sacrifice that this woman, her husband and biological children, as well as extended family take to make these children feel at home. We are brought through heart ache on both Sondra and Chanel’s behalf and back. We are brought into a world that some of us could never picture ourselves in. We are brought into a reality that doesn’t belong to so many of us, but yet this one woman and her husband are so strong to push through. We are given a peak into the success of Chanel and her continued pursuit to inform the world of precautions that can be taken to avoid having a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There is such passion, warmth, emotion and encouragement in this book.

Even if you know what this syndrome is, or don’t care to know, you should read it anyway. It gives us a chance to step in someone else’s shoes and realize that some hardships are much more difficult than others.

Please go an purchase this book and read for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

P.s. Chanel, You are such a brave young lady and I admire your persistence. Never let anyone stop you from going forward and If you are ever in the New Orleans area, please let me know. I’d like to attend one of your speeches.

xoxo, Jade


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