Numero Uno by Alex Dorros and Arthur Dorros and Illustrated by Susan Guevara


Dorros, Arthur and Alex. Numero Uno. Illustrated by Susan Guevara. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers, c2007.


A village devises a plan to see who would be missed the most out of two men who thought the other one was beneath them. One thing about this book that is very intriguing is that we are exposed to several statements and words in Spanish along with the English words. The story flows from page to page very nicely! The text incorporates commentary from the villagers and the two men.


The illustrations are great. We are given a chance as readers and listeners to better picture what is going on. Young readers often confuse themselves with languages and will over compensate and say every language is French, or Spanish, or german, etc. So, this gives young children a chance into the Spanish culture and to possibly associate the language with the way the characters are dressed. The illustrations aren’t crisp and clear, but rather smudged on the edging, which is great! I love the character it brings to the art! Another note worthy aspect is that when the men are speaking in Spanish, not only do we see it in the text, but also on the illustrations.


This was a great multicultural read that incorporates another language to English speaking children. I would definitely recommend this book!





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