Freddie The Free-Range Chicken by Jill Vitale

th (15)

This story follows a little boy through a day on a farm. He is unhappy because he is bored and his parents say he is too little to help with the chores throughout the day. He also is upset because he sees how much his parents have to do throughout the day and wants them to play with him. One afternoon he finds companionship in a chicken by the water that soon may end up with a fate that neither of them want to consider. The storyline is not very original, but that’s not necessarily  a bad thing. The way the book progresses makes it feel very choppy and it doesn’t transition well from page to page. It has enough length that I feel it should be able to transition better. At first, it is believed that only the chicken can speak to humans, but later it is known that all of the animals can speak to humans.


As for the illustrations, I do not like them at all. They are centered on each page bordered by a blue line with text above or below with white space surrounding it. The farmer Ted looks seriously creepy with and more like an explorer than a farmer. His wife, Sweet Lady Jane looks young enough to be their sons sister compared to the look of farmer Ted. It seems as though the illustrations are supposed to be realistic and look like a farm, but it just doesn’t fit right together.


I wouldn’t recommend this book simply on the fact that it seems to lack in story line as well as illustrations.


xoxo, Jade


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