Loon at the Northwood Lake by Elizabeth Ring and Illustrated by Taylor Oughton


Ring, Elizabeth. Loon at the Northwood Lake. Illustrated by Taylor Oughton. Norwalk: Soundprints, c1997.


This is categorized as a fiction book, however it has a non-fiction quality about it. The book tells the journey of a common Loon’s journey to a summer spot, where he meets up with his Loon friend. The story then goes on to tell us about how they have two eggs, take turns keeping the eggs safe and warm, and the hatching and growing. The story is written like a fiction novel, but the story is fact for fact on the behavior of a common Loon. The book even has a Glossary, short index and additional information about Loons. It is put out by the Smithsonian Institution. I find the illustrations to be beautiful. The attention to detail nearly brings the ripples of the water, the strings of a feather and the leaves on the trees come to life. Every page is a double page spread with very drab like colors. Reflections of trees and animals are seen in the waters. The illustrations have depth and texture. The drawings of the Loons, chicks, eagles, moose, and fish look like the actual animals. The flowers even have special details added for those of us equipped with the knowledge to be able to label them correctly. The cabins and mountains all add to the whole story. Children of all ages would like this one!


I found this book extremely informative and entertaining. A story within the facts is my favorite sort of story! I absolutely love this book and will be checking out both the author and illustrator to see what other works they have. 





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