Dinosaur Campout based on tv series by Craig bartlett



Good evening! Tonights review is another laid back review. Anyone that has young children is probably familiar with Dinosaur Train. This book doesn’t give a specific author really; it just gives us publishing information and what it is based off of. When it comes to these type of books that are based off of cartoons, I am a bit iffy on if I like them or not. I like associating great stories with authors, and in these situations you can’t really do that. 

Anyway, the story is based off of the TV series on PBS called Dinosaur Train. As we read through the book, my son said he had saw it on tv, so I am assuming that this book is a shortened version of an episode from the television. The text itself is kind of lengthy for a children’s book, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for a young reader, however if the child is being read to, this should be no issue. Like the show, we are given factual information and are able to understand their meanings through the context of the sentence. 

The illustrations are computer derived. This is another issue I have with these based on tv show books. I LOVE to look at illustrations, and although these are illustrations, they are created with the click of a mouse. I love to see how an illustrator can bring an image to life. There is a lot of usage of bright colors to match along with the show. The text and illustrations are printed on a very glossy page. The text is written in black over a green background making it easy to follow along. Some of the text has borders, and some doesn’t. It isn’t very busy or cluttered, but it has sharp crisp details. The illustrations assist with the listeners being able to picture the story as it is being read, but nothing more. Regardless of my disdain for these, it was still a pretty cute little book. 🙂


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