Starlight Goes to Town by Harry Allard and Illustrated by George Booth

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Allard, Harry. Starlight Goes to Town. Illustrated by George Booth. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, c2008.

Starlight is a chicken that lives on a farm, but wishes to be a model in New York, Paris or Milan. The story follows Starlight as her fairy godmother visits one evening to tell her that when she lays an egg and makes a wish it will come true. The story is a little disorganized and far fetched towards the whole Cinderella take. Kids will probably enjoy the story just the same, especially with the illustrations. The illustrations are very cartoonish with heavy usage of dark outlines. They use very basic colors, but the illustrations tell a story outside of the text. Starlight is funny in the illustrations, especially in one particular scene where she is driving. There is lots of usage of white space not just in the backgrounds but in the pictures themselves. There is no real structured placement of text or illustrations. I think where the text goes is where it just so happens to have an empty spot. One thing I did like about this book, was it was very easy to read and my kids were able to interact with me as I Read Aloud to them. Not a strong literary choice, but all in all I think its an average book.


xoxo, Jade

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