You’re Too Small! By Shen Roddie Illustrated by Steve Lavis


Roddie, Shen. You’re Too Small! Illustrated by Steve Lavis. London: Little Tiger Press, c2012.


Have you ever heard the phrase “You’re too small!”? I know most of us have. Heck, I find myself telling my son this dreaded statement. This story tells the journey and wanting for a young mouse to help out. He goes to various animal friends offering help, but they all tell him that he is too small. This book is great for incorporating children into the Read Aloud by way of repetition. They get to guess the response from the animals. The illustrations are absolutely adorable! The illustrator uses very pale primary colors. He also outlines everything in a charcoal line. We are given the opportunity on several occasions to adjust our perception of distance with great usage of proportion and dimension. The illustrations are cartoonish and some are given humanistic features. For example, a cow was painting a barn by standing on his hind two legs and using the front two to hold a bucket of paint and the paint brush. One thing that I didn’t like about this story is that it seems really short and rushed. I think a bit more text could be added to be more descriptive about some things.


xoxo, Jade


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