Lazy Ozzie by Michael Coleman Illustrated by Gwyneth Williamson

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Coleman, Michael. Lazy Ozzie. Illustrated by Gwyneth Williamson. London: Little Tiger Press, c2012.


Ozzy the lazy owl is told by his mother that he has to make it down from the tree by flying. Instead of trying, he goes from place to place seeking help from various animals telling them that it is an emergency. The text is very simple and easy to read and understand. As he goes from place to place, there is text on one side in a different describing the journey. Then the other side gives us the commentary between Ozzy and the new animal. The illustrations are cartoonish. They have no color for background and is simply the illustration of the animal in the barn, pig sty, etc. There is a page where there was a full illustration, but they blurred a oval shape to add text. Some of the illustrations have borders of a simple line. One page has illustrations in corners, with the text fitting in the available spot. Basically, there is no unform structuring for placement of text or illustrations; It isn’t busy or hard to focus on. There is a lot of white space usage. I really like the message that this one delivers. In the end Ozzy finds out that his mother watched his actions. This teaches children that mommies know what is going on even when you are trying to be sneaky about some things. 🙂


xoxo, Jade


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