Storm is coming by Heather Tekavec illustrated by Margaret Spengler


Tekavec, Heather. Storm is coming. Illustrated by Margaret Spengler. New York: Scholastic Inc., c2002.

This is a really cute story about a farmer who ushers his dog to round up his other farm animals. They keep picking up passengers and finally when they reach the barn, One of the little animals was patiently. This book isn’t very long, but the vocabulary is most certainly not a for a beginner reading. All the text is either black or white. Each page has a Double page spread, with the instruction taking up the entire page. There is no usage of white space. The illustrator uses soft primary colors. There really isn’t border around anything, but what does outline the illustrations is a soft fade of the color. The pictures are cartoonish and although they don’t have human characteristics, they do have the look of emotion. For example, the cows look worried as they run along. This story teachers children that most things we think we are afraid of could turn out to be the very thing we love most.  


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