Hansel and Gretel Retold by Ronne Randall and illustrated by Erica-Jane Waters


Hey everyone! I decided to give my blogs a little edge and fun history, I would try to give a brief history on the author and/or illustrator since so many of you have messaged me about liking this little addition to my reviews.

Ronne Randall is currently living in the UK but is originally from the United States. She is currently a freelance writer and editor as well as a volunteer for Child Line. A lot of books written by her is in a “retold” nature. There is hardly any available information for her except on LinkedIn and there isn’t a lot there. The illustrator has written and illustrator many books by herself as well as with others. A lot of them are of the fairy nature. I absolutely adore her illustrations for them!! 

Hansel and Gretel tells the story of a brother and sister that are left in the forest by their father and stepmother. They manage to find a small cottage made out of candy and meet an old lady who seems so friendly, until the children wake up one morning. Again, this story has been told so many ways in so many languages. My little boy was excited when he figured out that there was a witch in the story. He told me “Mommy, You know how I know a Hansel and Gretel story? There is always a witch in a candy house.” I smiled and told him he was absolutely correct. The texts are in an easy to read font and written in two different formats. One of the formats is the typical paragraph type. The second uses more “lines” than needed to create a whimsical aspect to the words. For example:

“But the white bird led them





to a little house made of gingerbread!”

There is also sound words incorporated that will make sense whether the reader makes the sounds or not. The illustrations are so gorgeous. They take this dark story to a more playful and enlightened mindset. Line plays a decent amount of a role in the drawings. The pictures give us depth in many pictures, and you can tell what is in front, and then what is in the back instead of being a flat picture. The colors used are natural with no stretching to include unrealistic color combinations. There is usage of whitespace and blankspace. The blank space is a spot where they place the texts. This book is a really fun read and again I adore the illustrations. I’m heading over to her website to see what else she has out!


3 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel Retold by Ronne Randall and illustrated by Erica-Jane Waters

    1. I love illustrations too! It is very much so a Hansel and Gretel of the 21st. I find a lot more “traditional” literature’s are being retold with a Grimm brothers side to it with lots of dark ideas.

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