Tiptoe into Kindergarten by Jacqueline Rogers


Rogers, Jacqueline. Tiptoe into Kindergarten. Illustrated by author. New York: Scholastic Inc., c1999.

I got this book to read to my soon who was stepping into Preschool. He was a bit worried about what going to school entailed and I found that by using this book to show him what he could expect, his anxiety nearly diminished! So, if you have a child who is nervous about starting daycare, prescool, or Kindergarten, I would suggest this just to give them an idea of what to expect. 


This book takes us through the day of Kindergarten. As the pages are turned, listeners are give a description of certain activities that will happen through the day; such as being read to painting. All of the activities listed happen at one point or another in daycare, preschool, Kindergarten, and possible even first grade. The sentence structure is easy enough that if you have an early reader, they could read the book themselves before starting Kindergarten. Throughout the book are double page spreads and single pages with no usage of white space. Rogers uses a combination of realistic colors (meaning she uses correct colors for hair, skin, clothes, etc) and also bright fun colors (as backgrounds or carpets). Although the text uses the term I, we have no insight into who I is without looking at the illustrations. The illustrations follow a little girl through her day. We also get to see her classmates, teacher, and classroom that aren’t described in the text. Usage of thick lines is heavy throughout all of the book. This gives the book a fun, playful tone. Not only are we able to see the classmates, teacher and classroom, but we are able to make assumptions by looking at the illustrations. In one illustration the little girl we are following is coming out of the bathroom and we notice she has green stains on her knees. This tells us that perhaps she had fallen during recess or P.E. 

I really love this book for its premise as well as the illustrations. 🙂


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