Curious George Goes Camping based on Margaret & H.A. Rey’s characters


Hello everyone! This is a review for yesterday since I didn’t post one. Time got away with me and well, you know how that goes. I decided to take a different approach with reviewing this book. My normal reviews go into detail without using my opinion, and I save the commentary for the end.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Curious George. He has been a mischievous and playful character in our world since 1939. I found the original illustrators interesting because when they created their books, they didn’t test them out with children. It just so happened that their books were liked by children. They never got the “stamp of approval” for any of their work. Originally the Rey’s were living in France around the time of World War II. In 1940, hours before German troops marched into Paris, the Rey’s fled to the Spain/France border on bicycles taking with them only the clothes they had on and their manuscripts, including the Curious George ones. They had Brazilian passports which granted them access through Spain. Some stories say that the guard let them through because he fancied the Curious George books. Anyway, they then went on to write more Curious George books which are the inspiration for today’s releases of different George scenarios. 


This particular book is about how the man with the yellow hat takes George camping. He sends George on a special task, and along the way George is perplexed by a little girl who pours water over a fire. Being curious, George follows suit and then goes on an adventure that leads up to him being a hero. The book gives listeners a chance to see scenarios that George goes through. Georges character resembles that of an active, curious young child. This makes it very easy for children to sympathize with him. The story is short, but effective in delivering a message to children that every action can have a consequence; such as mistakenly pulling a skunks tale when he thought it was a cat. The illustrations are done by Vipah Interactive, which is done in the style of H.A. Reys. The illustrations are simple and to the point. Some pages have several smaller illustrations to match separate texts. Some of the scene illustrations have no border, rather there is white space usage; where as some use background color and have fuzzy borders. There are no real double page spreads, but this is in harmony with traditional George illustrations. 

This book was fun to read and my son seemed to enjoy it. He loves being able to say when a character shouldn’t or should do something. 🙂

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