A Moose Named Henry by Ryan McDonald

Hey guys! This really isn’t a review, but helping a fellow blogger out. This guy Ryan has a great story line for his series of books about a moose named Henry. Check out his project and there is a link for donations for a professional illustrator. The story line seems very intriguing and I’d love to be able to review it after publishing. My daily review is coming out soon. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know! 🙂






3 thoughts on “A Moose Named Henry by Ryan McDonald

  1. You know, I love this idea and to be honest with you I toyed with the idea of doing a kickstarter campaign and also getting professional illustrators to help me out but in the end, to me, it felt too much like charity and actually doing the art myself has been fun. Certainly for children’s books artwork is relative, you know there are some kids books out there with really simple illustrations that have really made the stories – I mean look at the Mr Men series or Lola and Charlie! I would personally prefer to see this young lad take on the challenge and do the illustrating himself as he isn’t a bad artist from what I can see on the campaign page. I might sound mean – but there are so many kick starter campaigns out there for people basically begging for money and I’m more on the side of, I struggled and do struggle daily as a single Mum trying to make ends meet but I would rather see the person’s own creativity take over than begging for money from others to make their dream come true! Does that sound mean? I wanted to leave a comment on his page but you had to pledge first! You see to me that isn’t right. I wish him all the best I seriously like the concept, but he’s young and has years ahead of him – I liked his artwork – shame if he doesn’t use it but lets another artist become the face for his creation.

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