15 Day Book Blogging Challenge! (I couldn’t resist!) DAY 1

Hello everyone! Good evening or morning to you where ever you may be reading this from. A fellow blogger Good Food, Good Wine has started this 15 day challenge. I think it will be a great way for not only you to get to know my reading and book habits, but I’d like to hear yours as well, so please go ahead and do the challenge! Image

Day 1:

1. I am addicted to teen fiction books, especially the ones with a paranormal theme!

2. I hated reading as a child.

3. When determining if I will purchase a book or not, there has to be some sort of love story involved.

4. I own a Nook and another E-book reader, but I prefer to read actual books. There is nothing like the feel of a page turning between your fingers.

5. When I start a book, my life practically stops. Only the necessities are done. My husband will walk through the door and know I started a new book. 

6. I fell in love with the Twilight series so hard that last summer my husband, son and I went to Forks! Absolutely beautiful…I thought I saw Jacob! ;}

7. I usually won’t buy books that have actually peoples faces on the covers because I like to visualize the character. 

8. When I lend a book out and I don’t get it back in the amount of time that it would take me to read it, I start getting antsy.

9. I have 3 floor to almost ceiling bookshelves in my office with my books and my sons books.

10. I HATE Nicolas Sparks books. I do LOVE the movies though. 

11. I enjoy a good Non-fiction book just as much as a fiction book.

12. When buying books for my son, I prefer the paper backs because if the dust cover gets bent or wrinkled or the corners messed up, I cringe.

13. I buy books for my husband in hopes that he will take reading up.

14. I then read those books that he does or doesn’t read. =D

15. I change my moods according to the kind of story I am reading. If its depressing, I’m down. If it’s a love story, I have hearts in my eyes. Etc. 


Well that’s today’s challenge! Check in tomorrow for Day 2! =)


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