Wiggle Waggle by Jonathan London Illustrated by Michael Rex


London, Jonathan. Wiggle Waggle. Illustrated by Michael Rex. New York: Scholastic Inc., c1999.

This is a fun, playful and interactive book about sounds different animals make when walking. There are repetition with words allowing young readers to attempt the reading themselves. Along with the short easy to read and comprehend sentences are sound words associated with the animals walking. This gives the reader a chance to really engage listeners. The illustrations used are one of the more simple ones reviewed thus far. When the texts asks what sound is made, there is a simple illustration of that particular animal. Basic primary colors are used to add color. There is also minimal shading. There is a lot of white space used to keep the focus on the association between text and illustration. The book ends with a chance for little listeners to see what their steps sound like.


Note from Jade:

I am sorry this is so late but the majority of my day has been spent in front of my text books. My educational psychology midterm is Tuesday and we have a whole bunch of things due tomorrow. Anyways, I really love this book because it gave me the chance to act silly and make sounds and just be goofy with my son. I’d say the book is good for preschoolers and kindergarten, but the way my son enjoyed it, I’ll include first grade in this as well! I’ve had a few suggestions for reviews, and I promise those that suggested them will see the reviews one day this week! Keep sending in requests! 🙂



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