Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Tish Rabe Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu


This book is from the Cat in the Hat series but isn’t written by Dr. Seuss, rather Tish Rabe. When thinking of Dr. Seuss you think of words whimsical and funny and a lot of times the text just doesn’t make sense; Rabe steers away from this Cat in the Hat series stereotype. This book actually gives a factual account of different reptiles and fun facts about them. One thing that makes this one really interesting is the usage of rhyme that is used in combination with with the facts. It seems almost impossible for someone to create such a detailed, factual, and truthful rhyme that is as long as this one is; but Tish Rabe did it. The illustrations aren’t just about the animals. The illustrators give the Cat in the Hat franchise great recognition by including not only the Cat in the Hat, but also Thing one and thing 2. These guys aren’t mentioned in the text, but it is a delight to see them in the illustrations. The illustrations are in alignment with Dr. Seuss illustrations. Some pages are double spread, some are single pages with several separate illustrations on a single page to match several paragraphs on one page. Although some of the reptiles appear to have the Dr. Seuss/cartoonish look, they look anatomically correct otherwise. The usage of bright colors helps to add fun to what some children would view a science topic to be boring. This book could be used as a supplemental text in a classroom setting or just a fun read. 


Note from Jade:

My son LOVES science and although he knew just about everything the book told us, he loved it just the same. We are big Cat in the Hat fans in this house and this book was a winner for us! We were talking about alligators and crocodiles the other day. Like most children, he had the misconception that they were the same thing, just a nickname or something. I was able to read him the difference between the two from the book and they also had visual comparisons, all done in rhyme! Amazing!


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