How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? By Jane Yolen Illustrated by Mark Teague


This book starts out with a group of questions about what a dinosaur should do. It then ends saying what a dinosaur should do. This is a great book for a child entering school to teach them how to behave in class. They address specific things that shouldn’t be done and let the listener know it shouldn’t be done. They then tell the audience what a dinosaur does do. The illustrations add a little more to the story than the text gives including a comedic aspect. The dinosaurs drawn in the story are what one would expect them to be; BIG! Against the students and teachers in the illustrations, the listeners will be able to see that dinosaurs are much larger than humans. The colors used aren’t bright or drab, but somewhere right in the middle. I think this is done because of the playful element already included in the illustrations. Unlike previous reviews, this book doesn’t rely heavily on line usage in the illustrations. Every page with the exception of the last one is a double page spread stretching the illustrations across two pages and having the text on one. This is definitely a great way for parents to help children transition into a school or daycare setting.


Note from Jade:

I think this is a wonderfully playful story that would be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences. These Dinosaur books are so adorable. They’re also short and simple enough for an experienced beginner reader to attempt reading it on their own. One thing that I love is the way the author starts out with questions and then ends it with statements and matter of facts. 


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