Go, Dog, Go by P.D. Eastman


Eastman, P.D. Go, Dog, Go. Illustrated by author. New York: Random House, c1961.

There is no real storyline to this book. It is a beginner reader story about dogs with different colors doing different things. This book is really great for a reader that is just starting out because the words are really simple. The sentences are short enough so that if they are sounding out they won’t forget what they read. The story gives several different topics. They talk about colors, heights, and numbers just to name a few. The illustrations go along with the text. Some pages where there are more than one sentence, there are also more than one illustration. Each of these illustrations go with the individual sentences. For example, The blue dog is in. The illustration is of a big blue dog that is inside a dog house. This gives children an opportunity to look at the pictures if they are struggling with sounding out the words. The illustrations are very simplistic, more simple than any of the books reviewed so far in the challenge. The colors used are very basic: red, blue, green, yellow. Black is used for outlining and shading or anything needed to give dimension in the pictures with color. There is a lot of white space used on every page to help keep the reader focused on reading. The illustrations aren’t busy and keep to just what is needed to let the reader and/or listener know what each sentence is about.


Note from Jade:

I really love this book and what it does. It really gives a range of ideas and thoughts for young children to understand. I would highly recommend this to any reader that is starting out! Btw, sorry this is so late in the evening.


4 thoughts on “Go, Dog, Go by P.D. Eastman

    1. I love when that happens! Love of a story passed down. 🙂 I was raised by my grandparents and unfortunately I was never really read to. My great aunt did take me to the library frequently though! I developed a love for reading on my own. I’m so glad my son loves to be read to and to read now. 🙂

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