Down by the Cool of the Pool by Tony Mitton Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

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Frog gets some animals to come down by the cool of the pool to see if they can dance like him. The story is told in rhyme, but placement of text is a bit overwhelming. The reader is given a chance to use sound words such as Wheeeee and flap and possibly make motions to go along with it making it an interactive book. The illustrations are just as busy as the text. The text is placed sporadically around the pages and so are the illustrations. The pictures are cartoonish with usage of bright colors. Like the last couple of stories, this one also has illustrations outlined with black lines. There is no real organization to pictures or texts. The animals all have human like features to their faces. Nothing is proportionate to one another giving no scale of size to the animals. The end pages have a cute colorful theme to them. As you flip the pages even though the colors are bright and not true to actual life, you can depict what time of the day it is supposed to be. Daylight is visible, as well as when the sun sets, and when all the animals leave you can tell it is night time. The illustrator does a wonderful job of getting this information out.  


Note from Jade:

As I’m sure you could tell, I do not like this one. I have clinically diagnosed ocd and the extreme chaos had my head spinning around. LoL Don’t get me wrong, I think that this would be fun for someone else to read to children and interact with them, however I couldn’t do it. I think it has potential to be a fun read if the right person were to do it.  


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