Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten by Joseph Slate


This is the story of a teacher who becomes sick and her student’s worry if they will be able to do everything they need to without their teacher. Several things are written about in this book that young children are puzzled about. The days of the week, including Saturday and Sunday are mentioned. We also get a glimpse of how sickness can pass from person to person. Another idea here is that student’s learn that just because a teacher is absent that they go on with what they are supposed to do that day and that it will be okay. Although I’m not a recurring reader of Mr. Slates work, I assume all of his stories are written much the same. Miss Bindergarten is in a lot of his works. The illustrator has a unique style in which she often uses in her works. The illustrations are very simplistic, but cartoonish especially with the human like animals as characters. Although the characters are human like animals, the illustrations are proportionate and everything goes on scale with what you would think if it were actually people. Most of the illustrations are clouded with a white space around it using the white areas for text. There is no common theme of placement. Simplistic colors are used to color in the outlined drawings. This book is fun and playful!




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