Favorite Children’s book of all time?

Hello everyone! I had a wonderful dream last night that involved one of my favorite children’s book’s of all time. Granted it was a story loved by small children, older children, teens, and adults alike, it still has the title of Children’s literature. My dream started out sitting on a platform in a stool facing hundreds of unfamiliar faces. I knew this scene very well, but the confusion as to why I was here at this moment was building up. I looked over to the cloaked woman standing to my right. She looked at me with a quizzical expression as she placed a tattered and wrinkled hat atop my head. I looked straight ahead and jumped a bit as a man’s voice started speaking. I seemed to be the only one that could hear him and before I could voice my opinion the man screamed aloud “Slytherin!”. My heart fell to my knees. How could I go to a group as awful as slytherin! I slowly and calmly stood up and walked towards the table to the far left.


By now I am sure you all realize what book my dream was about. Harry Potter is my favorite Children’s book ever! Don’t get this confused with my favorite book of all time, because it’s not Harry Potter. That would be Twilight, but this is about Children’s literature. I love the whole new dimension that J.K. Rowling created. The story line was so unique and the whimsical features of the castles and characters were so magical. I absolutely love this series. I don’t know if I have a particular favorite in the series, but I love love love these books!


So, I was just wondering what ya’lls favorite Children’s Book is? It could be one that your parents Read Aloud to you. It could be one that just had pictures, or mostly text. It could be one that is old, modern, or somewhere in between. I have a 6 year old son and I would love to read him some books that others fell in love with.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Children’s book of all time?

  1. I love Harry Potter, too! But one of my all-time favorites for quite young children is the Phantom Tollbooth. Another favorite is Anne of Green Gables. Both of these stories really emphasize imagination and the ability/humility to learn from your mistakes – but they do it in very different ways, of course.

  2. Yay for Harry Potter!!! 🙂 Have ya’ll read the Percy Jackson series? I was raised by my grandparents, so I never was really read to as a kid. It wasn’t until late middle school I realized my passion for reading, so I don’t know of a lot of children’s books and authors, especially great ones. This is one reason for my blog and this post so I can not let the same thing happen to my son. 🙂

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