Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

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Wilson, Karma. Bear Snores On. Illustrated by Jane Chapman. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books, c2002.

This book gives a fictional look into a bear’s hibernation. Critters file into his den while he sleeps until he wakes up. Each paragraph tells the story in rhyme. The text isn’t too long and the words aren’t difficult to recognize. Repetition with sight words is used. Although the book is fictional, there is a truth element to it. It shows children what could possibly occur while a bear hibernates. The illustrations match the text and don’t really lead into any additional details. Some pages have a single illustration, where some are double page spreads. Although white space is not used, there is usage of color space. For example, on a page where bear is sleeping and a couple critters come into the den, the background is almost a flat brown. In another The picture is bordered with a thin white line and the rest of the page is a light blue with the text on the blue. The proportions of the animals are off, they don’t depict size very well. The bear looks about right but the rabbit look half the size of the bear. This book could be used as a supplemental text to a winter unit with Bears.

Note from Jade:
My son’s teacher read this to them in Kindergarten. It’s a cute story, but I am just a little bit thrown off by the size of the critters. It’s definitely a good read to small children but I wouldn’t go past Kindergarten with it just because the words are so simple and unchallenging to non-introductory readers/listeners.


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