One Night in the Coral Sea by Sneed B. Collard III


Collard III, Sneed B. One Night in the Coral Sea. Illustrated by Robin Brickman. Watertown: Charlesbridge, c2005. 


At first glance one might assume that this book is a fictional tale, but as one reads on you soon realize that it is a non-fiction book about sea animals on and near the Great Barrier Reef. The book looks small but is full of information; however it is not overwhelming by any means. The book circles around the coral reef, but they also include information on its inhabitants. The text isn’t very difficult to understand, and words that may be confusing are given a definition. Also, the book contains an index, a glossary, and a list of books and websites one could go to if they wanted to find out more about coral. The illustrations are outstanding. The usage of color alone is enough to keep a child entertained. The whole book is done with 3-d texture that the illustrator done with paper. Each page shows the species of sea animals you find in the reef along with their name. There is also a map of Australia that pin points where the reef is located and what type of climate coral needs to grow. The illustrations also give us a visual of how some of the different corals look like. This book would be a great tool in helping a teacher with a coral lesson. A Read Aloud with a parent, grandparent or other adult would be an excellent use as well. 


Note from Jade:

I found this book to be very intriguing. The amount of detail into the illustrations is amazing. The illustrations look cartoonish, but you can visualize what the actual coral or sea animal looks like. What I like about this book is it gives you so many different options to use it with. As a parent I would have my son draw his own coral reef with sea animals. As a teacher, I could use this as a supplemental text when introducing coral reef, then have them also draw their own reef. 


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