7 Tips for an Awesome Home Library

I absolutely love these tips!!! From the get go let your children or students see you reading because it encourages them to go grab a read and be like you!

Christian Chalkboard

girl reading clip artCreating a home library for your child says, “Reading is important.”   A home library is one of the critical tools parents can use to grow their child academically.  Here are 7 suggestions to help develop an encouraging, warm, and relaxing reading space…or two: 

1.  The right spot.  Your home library doesn’t have to take up tons of square footage.   Consider two low and sturdy bookshelves in the corner of a high traffic area of your home.  If your child’s library is in their bedroom, but they spend most of the day downstairs, they are not as likely to read independently or reap the benefits of having a home library.

2.  An inviting space.  The area should be well-lit, soft, and cozy.  This might be achieved with a high pile rug, large pillows, or a bean bag.

3.  Size matters.   Again and again, research reports that…

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