If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff

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Numeroff, Laura. If You Take a Mouse to School. Illustrated by Felicia Bond. New York: Scholastic Inc., c2002.

This book tells the story of what would happen if you brought a mouse to school with you and takes you through the day with a child. The author tells the story using “you” as the subject opposite the mouse. The illustrator uses one boy throughout the book as the one the mouse went to school with. The illustrations are very simplistic surrounded by lots of white space. All of the illustrations are outlined with lines. Although very cartoonish, the proportion of the characters to the objects around the children are normal. The text as well as the illustrations offer a turn of the page to keep the reader wanting to know what happens next. Some pages are double page spreads, while others are single illustrations on each side. The double page spreads do offer a sense of texture and 3-d feel. Because of the cartoonish style, the white space adds balance to the pages, otherwise it might be viewed as too busy and children would not be able to focus in on what is going on.

My notes:
Although these type of books aren’t considered the type that you would give to a child that is starting to read, I think the words are simple enough for a border line stage 1 into stage 2 reader. For usage in a classroom setting or at home craft time, children could come up with their own mouse story. For example: “If You Take a Mouse to the Zoo” and have them tell a story and help them write it if help is needed. Then have them illustrate it. Breaking it up throughout the year, it could be an end of the year show piece for parents to take home and cherish.


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