BONUS REVIEW: Let’s Go Riding by Elizabeth Paradise (Chpt Book for young adults)

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Paradise, Elizabeth. Let’s Go Riding. Illustrated by author. Amazon Digital Services, Inc., c 2013.

This book is a chapter book about a girl named Loren who is princess of her own magical world. She has a cat friend, Lulu, and a horse friend, Mary, in her magical world. The three of them go for a ride and face small challenges that they have to figure out how to get through them. The author uses many sensory details and visual details. One of the many enjoyable aspects of the story is the author’s usage of humor throughout. The characters personality are easily felt through their actions. The setting is clearly given and falls in line with the climax and ending. The author’s usage of magic is perfectly intertwined with talking animals, magic words, and a magic mirror. Each chapter offers a small illustration that offers a scene from the story.  After finishing the story, you realize that you have a connection with the characters and that you cannot wait to find out what journey the trio go on next!


I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great bed time story, or just a fun magical read. This is the sort of story that not only children will fall in love with, but the adults as well! I love how the little illustrations look like it was done by Loren at least that is what I feel it is. In the first book, we are promised another adventure and to find out the name of the magical kingdom.


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